Business sector

The Camada Group develops business partnerships with companies from the following sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Innovative business services or solutions
  • Real property development

Our Selection Criteria

Camada Group invests in companies that target growing markets. The evaluation of investment opportunities focuses on the quality of the management team, the level and quality of the innovation process, access to a significant market and expected potential return.

Camada Group does not invest in companies with no sales, research and development or recovering firms.

Camada Group considers following criteria crucial to the success of all of its projects:

Management team

Entrepreneurs must have the necessary training, skills, willingness, ability to attract a team of talented managers, and level of commitment required to ensure the commercial and financial success of their business enterprise.


The group of partners associated with the enterprise or investment project must have the financial strength to carry the company should the need arise.


The enterprise must have identified a market need and developed a product/service with a distinct competitive advantage that meets that need.

Growth potential

The enterprise must be positioned in a dynamic, growing market segment, identify its niche market and have the ability to outperform its competitors.

Business plan

The enterprise must develop a detailed business plan that reflects the realities of its industry sector and includes realistic financing and action plans.

Performance expectations

The business enterprises and real estate development projects that Camada Group chooses to invest in must show the potential to generate returns consistent with the risk level over a 5 to 7 year period.

Investments and achievements

Over the years, Camada Group’s management team has participated in the success of over 20 companies. Following are just a few of the success stories included in our investment portfolio.


Kitchen and bathroom products manufacturer

Top-notch in design and customer service – a leading manufacturer of faucets for kitchen and bathroom as well as shower bases and doors.

Website :


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NUMMAX - Digital signage

Digital display Sector

Since 2009, Nummax designs and manufactures digital display equipments and offers its clients innovative and effective solutions with a constant concern for satisfaction and proximity.

Website :


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Immoca Industriel

Real estate owner and developer, Immoca Industriel specializes in the rental of multipurpose spaces for companies in the industrial and commercial sectors. The company is present in the Quebec market, regional markets and in Eastern Canada.



UEAT offers restaurant owners innovative ordering solutions such as ordering online and on terminals, self-serve ordering kiosks, as well as table ordering and hotel room orders. The ordering solutions are directly integrated to the website or restaurant register software, commonly referred to as POS or PDV, to maximize the simplicity of operations and save time and money.

Website :

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Madrid 2.0

Roadside Service Area

Quebec’s No. 1 roadside service area located on Highway 20 halfway between Quebec City and Montreal; welcomes thousands of visitors annually thanks to its ideal location.

Website :


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Complexe 2 Glaces Honco

Multi-use sports and cultural complex

New state-of-the-art cultural/sports infrastructure featuring two ice rinks, a multi-functional room for various events, etc., which is choice venue for the community of Levis.

Website :


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Spectra Premium

Manufacturer and distributor of automotive components

Leading North American manufacturer and distributor of automotive components for new and used vehicle markets, primarily: radiators components, fuel systems and modules.

Website :


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