At the origin of many recognized business successes, the Camada Group team has extensive knowledge in enterprise management and real estate.

Together with the professional and technical expertise of the teams attached to our group and that of our partners, our experience gives a tremendous scope to each of the projects in which we participate.

Placide Poulin


Mr. Poulin is a born entrepreneur, repeatedly recognized by the business community. He started many companies, grouping them in 1987 to form Maax inc. Thanks to his keen business sense and his unique spirit of innovation, Mr. Poulin was able to motivate his team, instill a vision and build a world-class company. In addition to working with the Camada Group, Mr. Poulin has been a member of several boards of directors.


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David Poulin


With a solid background in operations as General Manager and Senior Vice President, Operations at Maax, Mr. Poulin has extensive expertise in corporate management, logistics, procurement and production.

Among other achievements, Mr. Poulin has been actively involved in the process of acquisitions and business integration at Maax. Mr. Poulin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He has also developed expertise in the field of real estate and industrial investment.

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Marie-France Poulin


Bachelors in Business Administration and a graduate of the College of Corporate Directors, Ms. Poulin began her career at Maax in 1985 where she held the following vice-presidencies: marketing, sales, financial communications and R + D. Her professional experiences enabled her to establish excellent business networks.

Over the years, she has acquired extensive know-how in strategic planning, marketing, governance and human resources. Ms. Poulin has been involved in several boards of directors and has chaired those of the Port of Quebec, Laval University and the YWCA of Québec City.

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Catherine Poulin


Ms. Poulin sits on the Camada Group Executive Committee and actively participates in the approval of the company’s case files. With her great sense of values, she contributes greatly to the strategic direction of the Group.

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Stéphane St-Onge

Director, Finance and Investments

Stéphane St-Onge holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Finance and a Certificate in Accounting. Over the last 20 years, he has developed a solid expertise in financing and business acquisition and financial analysis. He has participated in numerous large-scale projects with the Société générale de financement du Québec (SGF) and has completed several financing and start-ups as head of finance.

He is a major contributor to the analysis of the Group’s files and actively participates in the establishment of strong partnerships. He also has expertise in real estate development, having participated in many projects over the past ten years.

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Guillaume Robert

Business Intelligence and Marketing Director

Over the past 15 years, Guillaume has been able to support many companies in their growth and marketing, at various levels. Whether within companies as Marketing Director or as a consultant in strategic planning, he had to develop and carry out ambitious projects aimed at opening new markets. Having evolved as much in innovative manufacturing as in SaaS solutions, he has been working through several business models.

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Gabrielle Côté

Accountant and Financial Analyst

Gabrielle Côté holds the position of Accountant and Financial Analyst. She holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Business Administration specializing in accounting from Laval University and she holds the title of Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). She is currently in the process of obtaining the title Chartered Business Valuator (CBV).

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Mary Simms

Executive Assistant

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