The dynamic team behind the Champlain SH Real Estate Fund has solid expertise in real estate investments and asset management. Our investments in the private seniors’ residence industry are based on rigorous market analysis and provide an excellent occasion for investors to diversify their financial portfolio. Our platform represents a choice investment opportunity. 

Our goal is to develop and consolidate the market for residences for seniors and retirees in urban markets. We intend to become a significant major player in the private seniors’ residence industry in Quebec. 



The Champlain SH Real Estate Fund is backed by managers and founding partners with solid experience in real estate investment and seniors’ residence management. Here are the founding partners behind this investment fund: 

This Beauce-based private equity firm held by the Poulin family and active since 2008 has lent its expertise to over 40 real estate projects. Camada’s team is known for its rigorous project analysis, sound governance, strategic investment vision and expertise in providing support to teams in a context of growth. 

Headed by Jean-François Breton, who has over 25 years of experience in real estate development, the BBCF team has all the necessary skills in asset management and development in the seniors’ housing sector. Benoît Lemieux, a key real estate developer, further enhances the complementary capabilities of this multidisciplinary team. 

This investment firm, represented by the Fortin Family, who is behind the Couche-Tard chain, is recognized for its expertise in business management. This team has over 20 years of experience in the real estate field ensuring excellent asset management. 

Champlain Financial Corporation has been active as a private equity firm focused on growing mid-sized businesses since 2004. A number of investors and family-run companies have placed their trust in the group because it has demonstrated rigorous asset management and returns that meet expectations. 

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