Immoca invests in structuring integrated real estate projects showing excellent future potential. 

The Immoca team is guided by strong risk management skills and is careful to ensure sectorial and geographical project diversification. When assessing investment opportunities, the following criteria are taken into consideration: 

  • Development teams must possess recognized expertise and have the capacity to get the right people on board in order to ensure the commercial and financial success of the project. 

  • Partners must bring a diversity of expertise to the project and have the financial strength necessary to carry the overall project should the need arise. 

  • Projects must integrate well into the community, meet a market demand, be well positioned, be carried out in a timely manner, and have a solid financial structure. 


When considering real estate investment proposals, we give priority to: 

  • Residential (rental apartments or condos), business (commercial or office space) and industrial or institutional projects 

  • Building construction, major renovation and revitalization projects 

  • Real estate investments capable of generating returns consistent with the level of risk 

  • Projects with defined delivery dates and an exit strategy 

  • Projects in the development stage 

  • Land purchases with excellent short-term development potential 

  • Our participation may be in the form of equity or as a mezzanine loan. 

We are your partner in business

Our business model and organizational structure combined with our savvy knowledge of entrepreneurial projects and structuring means that our decision-making process is rapid and covers all angles. Immoca has the capacity and flexibility to make financial arrangements that fit the reality and needs of all our partners. 


Immoca knows the importance of having top-notch people on its team and can count on excellent partners who have earned respect in their areas of expertise. 

At Immoca, our approach is focused on growth and innovation. We are always interested in developing new partners. Contact us for more information! 

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